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Dana Titus, Danajill Photography now goes by Tresorimages changed her # 925-369-0300 even uses Dana Lubrano?829 Oak Manor Court Pleasanton Ca 94566.

Used pictures of my kid on her website without my permission. I never hired her. I have contacted the authorities about this as she became overly abusive to me and my family has suffered from her actions. I was told by others she will probably post that I am the one with problems as I have looked at other complaints about her and her position is one person is posting all the bad review.

I contacted another local Professional Photographer that I saw she used his name and trashed him, claimed he is threatening her, and her family and is going to sue him and get a restraining order. This is a dangerous woman. She gets obsessed with hurting people who speak out against her. My friend has posted her bad experience when she tried to hire Danajill Photography and Dana has attacked this person repeatedly.

Be careful and ask and check references.I suggest you do not use Dana J Titus @

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Dayna Titus is poor!!Dayna Titus is an old cougar on the prowl for a new sugar daddy to support her!!

LOL, Bahahahah!! Dayna Titus has been kicked to the curb by her latest husband! Dayna Titus is broke and has never earned any money on her own, ever! Dayna Titus is too old and poor to make her own way in the world!

Dayna Titus boooowhoooo!!


Gary S Titus is currently under investigation for possible bribery charges along with misreporting financial reports to the government while working for Sciclone as their Vice President and CFO.The DOJ and SEC are looking into criminal charges against him.

Gary S Titus is also very unstable and has been named in several civil suits by shareholders of multiple companies he has worked for. Has no job currently. Gary S Titus has no ethics, has drinking and drug issues. Also has lied in other civil case depositions where his wife Dayna Titus (real name Dana J Titus has been a party of.

Dayna Titus is unstable and very very disturbed person.

They both have huge ego problems.:cry :cry


Yea, Dayna Titus is an over-medicated shallow selfish broom riding witch. I'm just saying...........what I think. :grin :grin :zzz

Gifu-Shi, Gifu, Japan #228033

If we were not laughing out buts off at this completly self-absorbed concided witch of a human it would be sad.This girl is not so *** that she thinks everybody loves her expecpt for her inlaws.

Please.........You are the fakest of the fake. Tell us Dayna Titus are thoses your real ***? LOL LOL LOL..........Of coursse she wont anwer! Oh, so sad two of your houses are up for sale, one since you moved (and overspent) back in April 2007 and 3rd and tiny 900 sq.

ft is now for sale also. Hmmmmm, real good time to sell!!! You might as well start stripping for legal fees for Gary, as he is facing SO many illegal charges.



My wife and I go around the internet posting about Dana...we pose as different people alot.

We have no life and even on New Years eve we have nothing to do so we come up with stories about Dana and her business.

Yet we can offer no proof of anything because she's truly done nothing wrong, we just like to make up stories.Having no life that's what we do best.


Has been using images from my company Pleasanton Photography, I had called her and she threatened on review sites that she was taking me to small claims court.She needs to get an attorney as I am finding that she is posting and telling other local residents that I am the one that is the threat.

Do not use this person, she is not affiliated with my company.

Never even heard of Dana Jill until a few months ago when my images were appearing under her then company name Danajill photography.Now I am finding she is trying to damage my reputation by saying I threatened her.


Address: 13006 Prestwick Drive

Riverview, Florida 33569


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